Accounting Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations (ASNFPO) – Update 2019


Feb 7


Holiday Inn & Suites
9816 107 Street
Grande Prairie

This is a half day session on the morning of February 7, 2020 & is now available for registration on the PD Portal on the CPA Alberta website. The easiest way to find the seminar is to filter the search by city.

Please note, the deadline to register is February 3, 2020 and requires a minimum of 10 registrant or the session will be cancelled.

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In the field of accounting, the more things change, the less they stay the same. Not-for-profit accounting is no exception to this rule. Accordingly, this seminar reviews recent and proposed revisions to Part III – Accounting Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations (ASNFPO), where participants will receive an overview of changes to ASNFPO, followed by a discussion of major projects and their impact on NFPOs. In addition, participants will receive practical guidance on selected accounting matters informed by practice advisory and/or practice inspection issues. Finally, the seminar introduces relevant performance measures and matters of importance to board members.

The seminar will appeal greatly to professionals involved in the preparation and analysis of financial statements using ASNFPO, practitioners who provide assurance on these financial statements, and CPAs who volunteer on NFPO boards.

Learning Objectives

This seminar will enable participants to perform the following skills:

  • Explain implications of major project on Contributions–revenue recognition and related matters.
  • Identify changes and improvements in relation to “hot topics” (practice inspection topics, practice advisory).
  • Summarize future developments in ASNFPO.
  • Review matters discussed by Not-For-Profit Advisory Committees.
  • Discuss financial and non-financial performance measures for NFPO’s.
  • Identify matters of importance to Board members.
  • List relevant publications (with links).

Seminar Content

Key topics covered in this seminar include

  • Accounting standard improvements to ASNFPOs
  • Contributions for revenue recognition and related matters
  • NFPO committee matters
  • Practice Inspection
  • Financial and non-financial performance measures
  • Matters of importance to board members

Who Will Benefit
Several professionals will benefit from this seminar, including those involved in the preparation and analysis of financial statements for NFPOs, practitioners providing assurance on financial statements using ASNFPO, and CPA volunteers on an NFPO board.

Prerequisite Knowledge

Participants should be familiar with ASNFPO.